Six Healing Sounds Qigong & Acupuncture

This class is taught by:

Jill Schimmelpfennig

Jilll Schimmelpfennig is a L.A.c. (licensed acupuncturist) in the state of Indiana. She is NCCAOM certified and graduated from Southwest Acupuncture College in Albuquerque, NM in 2011, receiving her Masters in the Science of Oriental Medicine. She has been practicing in Bloomington for 3 1/2 years. She treats pain issues of various kinds, gynecological issues, hormonal balance, insomnia, and/or depression among other things.
Jill finds it very satisfying to teach people ways to incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine into their life. She love the outdoors, arts, crafts, swimming, Qigong, and animal watching with her 3 year old son

Restore balance and harmony throughout your body with this energy renewing workshop that combines and utilizes your own breath, Six Healing Sounds Qigong, and acupuncture. A powerful experience, this workshop will be led by Jill Schimmelpfennig, licensed acupuncturist and qigong instructor.


The Six Healing Sounds Qigong is a series of movement and sound devised by the ancient Chinese to improve health and promote healing and longevity. It helps to move and expel congested qi by creating different internal vibrations and pressures within different areas of the body through the inhaling and exhaling of air. In other words, when you make the six healing sounds, you are massaging the internal organs and expelling stale qi.


Breath is our largest system for waste removal in the human body and removes up to 70% of waste products produced in the body. We not only breathe in oxygen, but also life energy (qi, chi, ki in Japan, Mana in India). Deep abdominal breathing or Qigong breathing allows for more substantial release of toxins and balances the emotions of the body.


The Qigong series will be followed by a community acupuncture session, allowing for further encouragement of qi and blood flow of the body. The goal is to restore balance and harmony to the system by expelling stagnation and restoring proper movement in the channels of the body.


Allow for 2 and ½ hours to learn about the Six Healing Sounds, complete the qigong series, receive acupuncture, and have a short restful close with any questions.


Please treat this workshop as you might a deep detox. Allow for plenty of time for self care afterwards in case you have emotional releases, feel contemplative, or your body desires to rest.



$65 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL if you register by Sept 12th