Yin-Yasa (Level 2&3)

This class is taught by:

Nicole DeGain

Yoga Instructor:
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Nicole started integrating yoga & pilates into her fitness plan by home DVDs in high school. It wasn’t until 2012 that she took it to the level of instructor guided classes. It escalated quickly after noticing physical & mental benefits. She began taking workshops to deepen her practice and ultimately completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 and became Broga Yoga licensed in 2015.

Nicole has enjoyed teaching and has a drive to bring yoga to others who wouldn’t necessarily think of it as an option for cross training. She has spent the majority of her teaching hours thus far with athletes. However, is open to all classes because of Yoga’s versatility. “We could fill a room with practitioners of various ages, athletic ability, and knowledge of yoga. Queue them all in the same way, and have many, many versions flowing simultaneously. That is why Yoga is beautiful to me,” says Nicole.

Nicole resides on the south side of Bloomington with her husband, Pat, mini-yogi daughters, Noel & Lila. And a few… others- dogs, guineas, chickens, pigs and Donkey.

YinYasa is a balanced flow of stillness & movement. The class begins in a Yin Yoga style, finding comfort in the stillness of select postures with cool muscles. Props & modifications are at the ready to add grounding and decrease tension. Yin Yoga helps us find balance in busy lifestyles to decrease stress & anxiety. It also benefits the body with increased circulation, improvement of flexibility, fascial release and greater joint mobility. The last portion of the class is dedicated to the more vigorous Vinyasa style with a thoughtful sun salutation using the breath to move through each posture change.