Yulia Azriel

Yulia Azriel, MS, RYT 500, facilitator of healing and sacred feminine yogini, helps people tap into and trust the healing wisdom of their body and uncover that part of themselves that is pure happiness and bliss.

She guides her clients and students to connect with their hearts, so that they can become fully present, fall in love with themselves and the world around them, and live a life of their soul's purpose.

Yulia is a certified Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist in the Integrative Amrit Methods, Pilates instructor & Reiki healer.

Yulia Azriel instructs the following:
  • Blissful Rejuvenation Secrets: Mini Retreat
  • A luxurious 2-hour retreat from your "too busy life" with Yoga Nidra (psychic sleep) and Yoga Balls

    Yulia Azriel, facilitator of healing and sacred feminine yogini, will guide you into a deeply relaxed experience.
    • Receive blissful self-massage with yoga therapy balls
    • Rejuvenate and rebuild your energy stores
    • Accelerate healing power of your physical and emotional self
    • Experience the essential peace that resides within
    • Cultivate a new relationship with your body, mind, your friends, and your life
    • Discover one of the easiest and most effective meditation and mindfulness practices called Yoga Nidra ("yogic sleep")

    Self-Investment: $40
    Early Bird Special (at least 1 week before): $35

    Past Participants Testimonials:
    "I was so blessed to recently attend a Blissful Rejuvenation retreat after hearing others sing such rave reviews about them for many months! After just two beautiful hours spent with the exquisitely grace-filled Yuliangel, I was in awe of how deeply nourished, centered, elevated, and connected I felt. Yulia embodies so much wisdom and compassion and lives in such alignment with the principles and practices she gently and lovingly guides participants through, and it shows. Her loving heart, genuine presence, and expansive spirit shine through in every moment! During a time when many people's lives are as busy as ever, I am so grateful that Yulia has created a true haven, a sacred space to go and be replenished and reconnected in mind, body, heart, and spirit!"

    -Christine E.

    "After Yulia's retreat, I felt reconnected to love - love for myself and all others. It was a great reminder to give my own body more love."

    -Jen O.

    "Taking the time to completely unwind and go deep, this lasts for more than a few days. It allows me to re-engage with a clear mind and body. The massage balls were amazing for loosening build up tension. After Yulia's retreat, I feel invigorated and peaceful. I feel excited and joyful about even the stressful elements of my life."

    -Tris B.