Barbara Thompson

Yoga Instructor:
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Barbara Thompson began her yoga practice in 1966 amid the turmoil of that decade. At that time her life was exhausting and she was too often tired. Then, a good friend brought over a book on yoga entitled, “Youth, Yoga and “Reincarnation.” She was immediately inspired, and began practicing on her own while seeking a teacher to help her with the postures pictured in the book.

She practiced for about a year before being able to find a Hatha Yoga teacher in Holland, Michigan, named Jo Kennedy. Barbara was taken with yoga and the energy and peace it brought her. She felt balanced for the first time, and continued studying with her mentor for the next ten years.

She found that yoga was able to bring together a balance and self-awareness that was so important in her life. She began teaching, giving both private lessons and working with the YMCA from her own studio in Holland for several years before her life brought her to Bloomington, Indiana.

She went from a world of little yoga awareness to a plethora of choices, teachers and experiences in Bloomington. She studied under several teachers, getting a feeling of Bloomington’s yoga world. She also began teaching yoga to the staff of various departments at Indiana University, before they developed classes to teach students yoga. She then rented a space from the Lynda Mitchell Yoga Studio to set up her own yoga offerings. Lynda Mitchell liked her style and incorporated her into the Lynda Mitchell Yoga Studio staff. Through the years they became friends and Barbara taught there from 2000 until the studio closed in 2013.

Now she brings to her classes her awareness of inner beauty and holistic health. Her practice is Hatha Yoga, and her class begins with the heart of Hatha Yoga, the breath. From a gentle beginning she moves her class through warming postures into the asanas. She offers Beginners Two Yoga, which includes her understanding of harmony of mind and body, personal balance and the peaceful approach of self-awareness within the world around her.

Barbara Thompson instructs the following:
  • Yoga for Women (Level 1)
  • This women only class focuses on yoga practices for bone building, the pelvic floor, stiff joints, insomnia, hot flashes, and focusing the mind. A dynamic blend of techniques forms a practice designed for women's bodies in all stages of life.