Sharon McGuire, RYT-200, completed her yoga teacher training with Nourishing Heart Yoga in Bloomington.

With an extensive background in training and development, Sharon is dedicated to facilitating opportunities for students at all levels to experience personal “ah-ha!” moments and grow in their yoga practice.

Combining gentle yoga and meditation, Sharon creates a loving, compassionate environment that encourages students to accept who they are and find inner peace.

By guiding students to move mindfully with the breath, she creates space for
students to slow down, relax, and focus on being present in the moment, ultimately providing
them with tools to live mindfully in everyday life.

Marci was first introduced to yoga by a friend. She was a single mom with 2 young children and a full time job with a lot of responsibilities. Yoga become a nourishing sanctuary for her. She was typically a frazzled mess when she showed up at yoga class and in that hour was transformed into a blissful state that made her a better mother, employee, colleague, and friend. 
She grew up in Terre Haute, Indiana and moved to Bloomington in 2004, calling this beautiful community home ever since. 
Marci is RYT-200 certified through CITYOGA School of Yoga and Health, Indianapolis. She teaches Hatha and Hatha Flow. She likes that the simple structure of these classes helps make it accessible to a range of people. Beginners and advanced alike will benefit and enjoy these classes. 
To anyone walking into her class for the first time, Marci would want to say "Welcome! I'm so glad you're here. Don't be worried; yoga is for EVERYONE and I can't wait to share its benefits with you" 
Her favorite pose changes over time but is currently pigeon because she has experienced hip injuries and it's one of the tools she's using to heal. 
When asked what season she would be, Marci replied Spring. She loves the rebirth and renewal that happens in the springtime. Yoga practice represents the same to me!
Jill Schimmelpfennig is a L.A.c. (licensed acupuncturist) in the state of Indiana. She is NCCAOM certified and graduated from Southwest Acupuncture College in Albuquerque, NM in 2011, receiving her Masters in the Science of Oriental Medicine. She has been practicing in Bloomington for 3 1/2 years. She treats pain issues of various kinds, gynecological issues, hormonal balance, insomnia, and/or depression among other things.
Jill finds it very satisfying to teach people ways to incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine into their life. She love the outdoors, arts, crafts, swimming, Qigong, and animal watching with her 3 year old son
Active Release Technique (A.R.T.), Structural Energetic Therapy (SET) & Stott Pilates
Paulina has been deeply involved in the body since she was two years old. The daughter of a physiotherapist/choreographer in Nowogard, Poland, Paulina grew up dancing in the theater, where she first learned the depth of the mind-body connection, and their ability to heal each other. The joy she feels when she can steady her mind and move through curiosity, community and pain brought her to where she is today with her work and classes. She believes movement is a connection and true refuge.

This ultimately led her to a Master’s degree in Dance Pedagogy for Social and Cultural Animation from the University of Zielona Gora, followed by certification as a Dance Movement Therapist from the Polish/English Institute of Dance Movement Therapy. Within a year of arriving in the United States in 2007, Paulina became certified as a Stott Pilates instructor and, a year after that, as a licensed massage therapist. Paulina’s certification in Active Release Technique further expanded the menu of healing modalities she offers. Through workshops and continuing education, she constantly strives to further her understanding of a whole person.

Paulina teaches Pilates, Barre and Zenga (a combination form that includes yoga poses, Pilates core, and flow). She uses props to support or challenge, and increase understanding of biomechanics of stability, mobility, coordination, and endurance. In her work you can see the influence of Feldenkrise, Alexander Technique, and Laban Movement System. She believes in touch as a feedback and guidance.

Her favorite pose is Goddess for its sense of safety and feeling alive that is essential to some exercises in Pilates. She also loves squat movements that are so needed in everyday life.

Pilates focuses on mobility and stability in the same moment. As one articulates their spine, they also look to stabilize their scapula and find pelvis placement. There is constant connection between stability and mobility in movement.

If someone walked into her class for the first time, Paulina would want to say to them “be open minded, fearless of heart, here there is no right or wrong and it’s great to be exactly where you are.”

Appointments with Paulina can only be booked over the phone or in person.

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The stress of college guided Debbie to her first yoga class in the early 1980’s. She found the relief and peace that she was seeking in yoga class, then and now. Deciding to certify after about 20 years of practicing yoga, she certified with Judith Lasater in 2003 at Yellow Springs, Ohio. Originally from Toto, Indiana, Deb continues to make her place among the Indiana yoga community.

Deb practices Gentle Hatha Yoga because she finds Hatha Yoga to be gentle and kind to the body, while increasing flexibility and strength. Her favorite pose in her practice is down dog. It takes her out of her normal positioning and requires her to be mindful of her entire body’s placement.

One thing that she would want to say to a student walking into her class for the first time is “please hear my words, but listen to your bodies.”

If Deb was a season, she would be autumn. She loves the settling, cooling and observing all the exciting colors.
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David learned to do yoga to help treat lower back pain. By using some stretches regularly, especially after strenuous work and long drives, he learned how to improve back health in a holistic way. He started the YogaFit Training Systems Teacher Training Program in 2007, and has been teaching senior chair yoga for over 7 years. He holds certificates in Levels One through Three, YogaFit Seniors, and Anatomy and Alignment. These certificates represent over 100 hours of training.

David prefers the vinyasa style of yoga. Although he was first introduced to the more classic style of holding poses for longer periods, he finds the flowing vinyasa style works better for seniors who generally find that moving into and out of a stretch several times is just as effective as the longer holding but easier for them to accomplish. Also, the YogaFit version of vinyasa style includes more muscle strengthening poses and exercise leading to better muscle tone in a shorter period of time.

David’s preference for vinyasa style, leads him to like a flow rather than have any particular favorite pose. A flow he likes is a Downward Facing Dog to a Plank to Crocodile, back to Plank and then Downward Facing Dog using a chair for support. This flow stretches and strengthens the back while it strengthens the abdominals, legs and arms.
Growing up in Bloomington, David left for 17 years after graduating from IU. His Navy and training career took him many places in the world before his return to Bloomington with a family. His yoga training has taken place in Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Hamilton, Ohio.

If David could say something to a student walking into his class for the first time it would be to ask them to start by listening carefully to their body, and as they practice each stretch, to look for that balance point between “too easy” where there is almost no benefit, and “too hard” where their body is establishing a limit. The stretches, poses and sequences we do in chair yoga are simple so that each person can tailor the workout to their body.

When asked what season David would be, he chose fall. The color crisp days invite us to walk, cycle, hike, sail, camp and gather around a fire ring to appreciate each other.
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Barbara Thompson began her yoga practice in 1966 amid the turmoil of that decade. At that time her life was exhausting and she was too often tired. Then, a good friend brought over a book on yoga entitled, “Youth, Yoga and “Reincarnation.” She was immediately inspired, and began practicing on her own while seeking a teacher to help her with the postures pictured in the book.

She practiced for about a year before being able to find a Hatha Yoga teacher in Holland, Michigan, named Jo Kennedy. Barbara was taken with yoga and the energy and peace it brought her. She felt balanced for the first time, and continued studying with her mentor for the next ten years.

She found that yoga was able to bring together a balance and self-awareness that was so important in her life. She began teaching, giving both private lessons and working with the YMCA from her own studio in Holland for several years before her life brought her to Bloomington, Indiana.

She went from a world of little yoga awareness to a plethora of choices, teachers and experiences in Bloomington. She studied under several teachers, getting a feeling of Bloomington’s yoga world. She also began teaching yoga to the staff of various departments at Indiana University, before they developed classes to teach students yoga. She then rented a space from the Lynda Mitchell Yoga Studio to set up her own yoga offerings. Lynda Mitchell liked her style and incorporated her into the Lynda Mitchell Yoga Studio staff. Through the years they became friends and Barbara taught there from 2000 until the studio closed in 2013.

Now she brings to her classes her awareness of inner beauty and holistic health. Her practice is Hatha Yoga, and her class begins with the heart of Hatha Yoga, the breath. From a gentle beginning she moves her class through warming postures into the asanas. She offers Beginners Two Yoga, which includes her understanding of harmony of mind and body, personal balance and the peaceful approach of self-awareness within the world around her.

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